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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Writing and Education

We've had the finale of our appointments from last month. We had psycho-education testing 

The writing aids appointment is with an occupational therapist. We brought some writing samples and times with us. She did some testing to see how Nick was typing and his typing speed to be able to compare it.

In the end we got to take home a computer that is similar to his computer at school. We want to practice daily and use sight words and practice typing.
Nick has an hour of time in the evening that is perfect to set up the computer and let Nick type.

This is an example of what Nick has typed

Nick spends some time looking for the letters, but he is liking doing typing and is motivated.

The key to everything involved with Nickolas is motivation.
Nick has to want to type and write. And even if it took 45 minutes to get that sentence and words out, he still did it. And was so proud of himself!

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