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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Accessiblity and snow

This winter has been cold and we've gotten a lot of snow in the last couple of months.
This isn't anything unique to Nickolas or our family. But it is newer for us (I wrote about it last year as well)

The snow and the cold brings up some issues for Nickolas and his ability to move around outside.
It means loading everyone into the van for even little trips. Some days it is because it is minus a million degrees.

But then it is also for reasons like this:

Everyone knows they are supposed to shovel their driveway. Not everyone does.
But I can actually push Nick pretty well through slush and moderately unshovelled driveways.
Except for someone who doesn't actually have any idea about mobility challenges. Just knows they need to shovel the sidewalk. Don't acutally shovel the end of the sidewalk so that there is street access.

It was left like this for over a week. I did contact the city, and the next day it was shovelled.

Of course with snow and parking lots.
Because why do you need to park in these spots? They need to put the snow somewhere?!

I can't wait for the snow to melt

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