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Monday, March 2, 2015

Beaver Buggies

Nick has been in Beavers this year.

The had an event this weekend making beaver cars and racing them down a ramp.
Nick was very excited about his Beaver Buggy.

Katheryn got right into it as well. Getting right in with the other Beavers and making room for Nick in his walker.

They had some crafts for the kids. Nick likes to explore and take his time with the crafts, and Katheryn just jumps right in.

It was fun night for both of them. I sometimes worry about Nick's social activities and friends. Making friends and participating in activities with other kids his age. And hope they are accepting about his walker and being different from the other kids that way.

But it makes me feel better when I actually see Nick out with his friends. Yes everyone still plays by themselves, but Nick is still included in everything. And he wants to be involved in the activities and will be.
Nick is really enjoying Beavers and I'm glad we were able to get him involved.

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