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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lost Tooth

The day came today that Katheryn has been waiting for, for over a year!
Her first lost tooth!

All of her friends at school have lost multiple teeth and she wanted to join the toothless-smile club. But at almost 7 years old, her teeth are stubborn and just did not want to budge (Nick's are the same, not showing any sign of being loose at 5 1/2).

But a month ago whether determined by nature or accident (there was an incident with Katheryn holding onto her seat belt with her teeth) she finally had a wiggly one.

And at a family dinner it finally came out! Katheryn was on the lookout and said she thought it might come out because "Papa Bartley always makes lots of food".
And it came out with a mouth full of food. So I made her spit out her food (which grossed out Uncle Jamie) and we found it. (and yes that is an Elsa costume she is wearing... just because)

 Katheryn was very excited to put it under her pillow before going to bed. The tiny tooth is under there.

Kyle and I were not sure what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is. All we could remember was the Modern Family episode where $100 was accidentally left by the Tooth Fairy (and this is a favorite show of Katheryn's).

I thought the Tooth Fairy would leave a loonie and Kyle thought $5. And of course a new toothbrush. So I googled it and found it is a common question (I think I got 25 cents). In the end the Tooth Fairy decided the first tooth is special and left a nice crisp $5 bill, brand new toothbrush and a certificate (in the shape of a tooth of course)

 The toothfairy was even nice enough to leave the tooth for mommy to keep.
Katheryn was very excited when she woke up and saw what the Tooth Fairy had left for her

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