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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Orthodic changes, and another 'K'

We had a follow up with orthodics today.
I wasn't really sure if we were going to get more orthodics or not. But we were going to discuss some options.

The 'K' has been brought up again. As in KAFO
And even though we were so happy when we got rid of the 'K' 2 years ago when I see how straight he was after and then look at him standing now.
I know that we need it.

Nick is putting a lot of pressure on his knees. They are twisting and especially on his left side, the ligament is starting to stretch. Once the ligament is stretched it stays stretched. (I think it is 1cm longer right now). So the emphasis is on preventing it from stretching.

Of course if it is stretched it isn't supportive. What this means is that if he can't count on his knees for support, and he is only going to get older, taller and heavier. His left knee is starting to hurt him when he is walking all day.

So we tried some things
Nick was not that sure about it

These are called Gators and they support his legs and knees and keep his legs straight. They are bulky but they wanted to see what he would do

Once he was able to show off his walking with it, then the 2 PT's and the orthotist talked about our options. We have our PT from Campbell's who is with us for another week, and then we will transition to the school age program and a new team.

Everyone was discussing what we wanted. There is a new KAFO where the 'K' is removable. This answered all of our concerns. There was the knee support for when he needed, and it could come off when he doesn't need it. There is also talk about locking and non-locking. I want him to be able to bend his knee, so it will be non-locking. But there was a question about the type of jointing to use. So we'll see what we end up with.

Luckily we had already talked about designs (something I usually spend alot of time planning). And Nick knew exactly what he wanted. A hint is in the story Corey is reading below...

 We'll get them in a couple of weeks I think. And I'm hoping that it will help to be more supportive to Nick.

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