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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our 6th Annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run

The day of our event came. 
And we had a fantastic turn out!
We had 41 people come out as part of Nick's Cheering Squad.

We had families and friends, co-workers and school friends.
And we had 4 families with spina bifida together!

It was about half kids and adults, so we got a kid picture of everyone!
From 2 weeks old to 14 years!

Nick was very excited to start on his walk

We started relatively on time, with Nick leading the way

The weather was nice and sunny but not super hot.
So it was perfect (but I have said that I will walk rain or shine... shine is just preferred)

Everyone took turns pushing Nick, and he had a blast!

We stopped at the look-out and the kids had fun climbing up and watching all of the adults below

and I think the adults were glad to have a rest

The kids were playing a game and didn't want to go back! Except of course that that is where the food was...

We all posed for some pictures while we waited

But for some reason didn't get one of all of us together

I can see how our event has grown in the last couple of years. We used to be walk for the whole 3 hours. Now we walk more as a group together, everyone (almost) makes it to the look out, and then we walk back.

The leisurely pace we made let us all talk as we walked.
And catch up with other families

Katheryn and Hannah were together as usual!

Then it was back to the picnic area for some socializing and food

and baby snuggles

And Nick was doing lifts on his walker

We picnicked right beside the playground (too cold for the splash pad) so the kids all had lots of fun, and the adults weren't too far away

And I even had an opportunity to educate some people who stopped and asked us about our event

At the end of the day we all had another fantastic year of cheering on Nickolas!

Nick passed out soon after we got home...

Always a sign of how well the day went!

We are still fundraising until the end of the month


and I'm still working on some awareness posts and videos.

But you will definately see Nick's Cheering Squad walking, riding and wheeling next year!

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