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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

I have written a number of posts about Mother's day, well, because I write my blog and I am a mother... And even though Kyle isn't a big writer, doesn't mean Father's Day should be excluded from our family adventures.

So while Kyle is not my father, I will still celebrate him as the father of my children. and the one who is in this adventure with us!

Right from day 1,  presenting our daughter to the world.
The biggest smile I think I've ever seen on Kyle's face
And of course Katheryn is totally a Daddy's Girl

And while our world was shifting, you provide the stable base to our family, the positivity and belief to my worrying and wondering. Knowing that you are where our family needs you to be. That is what being a father means, to me.

From the first time you got to hold Nickolas in your arms

To boosting the kids on your shoulders

To one of the best Father's I know!

While our adventure continues, I know that my kids father is one who will make them proud

(and who is incredibly proud of his kids)

And to two of the Father's that have lead to way

Happy Father's Day!

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