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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good Bye and Good Luck

Today was graduation day for Nickolas. Nick isn't returning to Campbell's School next year but is transitioning to his home school (with Katheryn) in September.
As long as the Elementary Teachers don't strike.

I have been preparing for this for a long time.
We have been so happy that Nick went to Campbell's for 2 years, to become more prepared and older and more experienced. I think that we all needed that.
But now graduation day has come.

And I think we are ready.

Nick has grown so much, gained so much confidence

I am sad to leave the school. The experiences that Nick has gained in such a supportive environment is fantastic!
A Halloween Parade, meeting the Panam/Parapan mascot, golfing, hockey, meeting hockey players, and going to the zoo are just some of the activities that they have done over the last year

Nick also has therapy during school hours. In types of classes.
Like the Wild Wheelers is a class every week where the kids go around in their wheelchairs (inside and outside) and learn wheelchair skills, computer skills, yoga classes

This is their playground.

And of course one of the best thing about the school is being with kids who are just like him

With a team of people who are with him and supporting him every day.

But now the day has come, and I think that Nick is ready.
He will miss the school and his friends and teachers (and school bus driver). The school is small so he knows everyone, they know him. He gets around without a problem, the classes are small and he is the same as everyone else.

But his new school will be a change, he is still excited for it. He is excited to be at school with Katheryn and he already has some friends who are excited for him to be at school with them (all different ages).

Nick i s definitely going to miss his teacher. Mrs. Meyers has been his teacher since his first day at school last year. We are all going to miss her!

But this guy is ready for Grade 1!

As well, I got creative this year and we made our own Thank you gifts for his teachers, EAs, bus driver and OT and PT.
A mint plant

A picture for the bus

And some nail polish (ninja turtle colours)

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