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Saturday, July 24, 2010


So I've been a little bored with the food that I've been feeding Nickolas.
And I know that making your own food is so easy! I'm just a little lazy... Well not this weekend! 5 hours, 8 different meals and $30 later, a friend and I are now baby food making queens! So maybe we chatted a bit, and socialized

We started off with some recipes - our plan was to make one bowl meals that have meat, vegetables and fruits. And of course something that smells somewhat appetizing. Meats are a little tricky in that department. So we followed the recipes - and then got carried away. Towards the end we were just throwing the rest in a pot for a stew. But yummy turkey stew. And a bunch of vegetable/fruit combos.

My freezer is now suitably full of little containers that are marked. We already have success with pasta-chicken with spinach and apples.  And Some chicken-sweet potato-apple. How yummy is that?!
And to top it all off we have the ultimate in laxative meals. No more plain prunes or dried apricots (my specialty). We made a yummy fruit mixture that has dried apricots, dried peaches, prunes, apples and pears - and then we threw in some rhubarb (because we had it). Nickolas LOVES it!!!
And I love it to - because lately I don't think about anything that goes in without thinking how it will help with coming out!

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  1. Oh yum! We aren't at the mixing phase yet, but I have to remember the super fruit combo! Why didn't I ever think of rhubarb??