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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Time

We need to schedule some family time, I guess with Kyle being home so much we always have family time. But we needed some stay-put family time. We are a bit over-booked as things stand anyways. So we had relaxing no-travel time for a couple of days and just stayed home and vegged. Of course by vegged I mean, I tackled the gardens - where weeds have taken over, vaccuumed, vacuumed again, did laundry, cooked, and packed for the next trip out of town. Because we are really busy on the weekends, cottaging, visiting, and our latest trip was to Ottawa for the weekend.
But then last weekend we headed to Ottawa - a 4 hour drive, for a surprise party, visiting time - and then heading back home again. The trip was very fun, we love visiting our Ottawa family. All of the kids get together so well. The kids did well on such a long trip, even Katheryn was able to travel puke free. She inherited her car sickness from her Daddy and so a 4 hour car trip was met with a type of dread. But some gravol and careful driving and things stayed where they were supposed to.

 Nickolas got his first taste of chocolate cake. Katheryn enjoyed feeding him from her (2) peices of chocolate cake that she had stoled from various plates. He really enjoyed the crumbs that he got. But was a bit shocked that he got caught!

I'll have to upload some other pictures. We stopped off at Tweed on the way home so that the kids could have some out-of-car time. It was just my parents and me and the kids because Laura, Mike and Jen decided to get lost. But Tweed has a nice lake beach that Katheryn loved running in and out of, and Nickolas just lounged under a tree, doing - what else - eating.
They had alot of fun (during the day) - and that's the important part. The night was a bit of a treat - think Katheryn getting caught under the crib, screaming for a couple hours, Nickolas waking up. I think we scared Laura away from children for a while. But we did get a couple of hours of sleep. And would totally do it again - hopefully without the rolling!

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