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Friday, July 2, 2010

Golf Weekend and Canada Day

It was the annual golf weekend. Pretty much where we have fun, hitting some balls and hope they get within a fair distance of the hole. We (our team) is not there for the glory of the game. We are there to have fun with the cart, drink alcohol (well the other girls did) and an excuse to just have fun! We succeeded - we got 7 over!!! Kyle and his team won, with 3 under. So Nickolas got to wear the trophy hat! We have a picture of Katheryn and Kyle doing the exact same thing. - Kyle is a much better golfer than I am.
So Nickolas the flirt was in fine form. He was the centre of attention and LOVED IT! Being surrounded and adored by a bunch of blondes (yes I still think of Laura as a blonde even though she's a red head now). But batting those huge blue eyes at all the girls! And he knows he has it too!
We stayed at the cottage for 4 days, and it got nice and sunny and hot while we were packing the car! But it's nice being at the cottage, fresh air, family. And the kids just eat it up! They still enjoyed the water even if it was a little cold for the adults. We had a bit of a rough first night - mostly because Katheryn rolled off her bed (which is on the floor) and got stuck under our bed. Nothing like being woken up at 3am with a screaming toddler, and you are scrambling around in the dark and all you can feel is kicking feet sticking out from under the bed!!! Once I got her all calmed down, Nickolas woke up. BUT other than all of that, the weekend was nice and relaxing.
Here are some pictures of them just playing together. It is so nice that Nickolas can sit around, either in his bumbo or corner seat and then Katheryn is so much closer to him, he can be part of the action and the action - in the form of Katheryn - is not very far away from him.

Because I'm so late posting - I might as well include Canada Day as well - it seems all the days go by so fast that if I don't keep on top of my blogging I just need to squish everything together.

Happy Canada Day everyone. I took some days off to deal with some kiddies that were a bit tired and grumpy. We missed fireworks because Katheryn was a bit under the weather. But she's still young. We'll just have to have some fireworks for the August long weekend! Nickolas didn't really care either way. I don't have any Canada Day pics of Katheryn, but here is Nickolas wearing his red!


  1. I love the new look! And Nickolas with that hat, LOL! What a cute flirt.