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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We had a couple of appointments in the last couple of weeks. All with good news.
Nickolas got the all clear from neurosurgery. We were in and out in 30 minutes. Everything is looking great and we will go back in 1 year and get a followup MRI at that time. YAY!
Physio is going well, he is improving so much. He keeps trying to sit up, work those abs, and when he is sitting up it is much more solid. He used to sit very far forward, with his belly resting on his legs, now he is still leaning forward, but off of his legs and twisting around. All very good progress.

Katheryn got her language assessment. She got admitted to their service. I was concerned that they were going to say that she was ok. I know it sounds weird, that I want someone to say that my daughter is behind in something. But when they recognize it, it gives us help. So we had the assessment and Katheryn's language is at a 21 month level - 6 months behind. I'm amazed at how much she has improved in the last couple of months. And I am very glad I asked for an assessment at 18 months - when I found out that she was a little behind - because after an 8 month waiting list we finally were seen! But now the real work starts!

Whenever I think about how I want Nickolas to sit up by himself NOW, roll over more, start to crawl ect. I want it all now. I'm finding we are progressing, just not fast enough. But it will come. It is the same with Katheryn's language.

So yes both my kiddies gotta get some kind of therapy - my mom tells me that I went to speech therapy, and she is so much like me that I'm not really that surprised. Or worried. I guess that is the key, when to be concerned and worried and when to take things in stride and just go with the flow. We are busy flowing down the river right now!

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  1. we had almost an identical neuro appointment yesterday! except e go bck in 6 months. WTG Nickolas! Happy to read about Katheryn's improvements as well.

    I've been trying not to focus on what King can/not do and when he may actually be able to sit up or hold himself upright and all of that. It's awesome to see the little improvements, but also frustrating that everything takes so much work for them. Baby steps! He doesn't know any different though. Happy as a clam!