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Monday, July 12, 2010

A perfect summer day

We spend a day enjoying ourselves by the pool. Nickolas went swimming - was alot happier that the water was a solid 80F and not 72F like the last time we went in the pool at grandma and papa's. My sister and I hijacked the pool at my parents house while they were away and brought the kiddies to play! Katheryn liked being near the water, but wasn't that excited to actually go in. But liked throwing and catching the ball that auntie Laura threw in from the water. And Nickolas just floated on by. With me of course. We had a floaty thing he lay on, but I didn't really trust it, and his life jacket doesn't fit him. It is too long and chokes him if we do it up - the oppostie effect we want from a life jacket! Uncle Mike came home and enjoyed the fun too!
I am so amazed at my brother. He is quiet and seems shy, but he has really stepped up with getting involved with the kids. He doesn't complain when I hand off one or the other, and carries Nickolas around like a pro. All we have to do is get him to change and cath him! (Kyle tells me that as a male it is harder to cath Nickolas).

The next day, since we are enjoying being outside. I thought Nickolas should have an upright view of the backyard. He's not sitting by himself, so usually he is lying with me on the grass, or sitting in my lap (where we overheat) and enjoying the outdoors. So we dragged his corner chair and enjoyed the grass, the hot weather and watching Katheryn run around like a crazy person. Until the hornets came back and scared mommy back into the house. I did have rescue BOTH kids and the chair in my 'race' back to a hornet-free zone. Katheryn couldn't understand why we had to go inside, but when a hornet landed on Nick's toys and there were at least 6 others that I could count flying around I thought I'd been pretty good up until then. I didn't pick her up and run - but I came very close. (I'm a little bee-a-phobic).

When I was looking at these pictures on the computer I couldn't beleive I had a red-haired baby!! But he really looks red here - usually he's more platinum blonde.

Nickolas is doing soo well with sitting. He was almost upright and reaching up for toys and could balance for a little while as well - I'm going to have to get a picture - even video of it. And when he starts to topple he catches himself! Not that he's ready to sit by himself, but it's a giant start!!!
Yay! Go Nickolas!!!

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  1. Your kiddos are super cute...and perfect. Nickolas reminds me a lot of Caleb, he looks a lot like Caleb did at that age. Chubby and So cute!