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Monday, January 9, 2012

Class Clown

Nick loves being silly and clowning around.

Whenever we ask him about colours, he says that every colour is blue.
He knows his colours, he doesn't think that every colour is blue. He just likes saying it.

Last week I asked him what colour something was. He says yellow, looks at me with this funny grin then says blue! Blue!

This picture doesn't adequately show the funny-devil grin, but it's the closest I have.

Today he was playing with Kyle on a farm animal mat.
What is this? Nick says dog, cat...
"Good Nick! point to the cow", he points.
"OK, what is this?"
He looks at Kyle, goofy grin.
"No Nick, it's not a dog, it's a cow."
Nick what is this? (pointing to the pig)
He thinks it hilarious!

He's been doing it with everything. Plate, no it's a bowl; plate! Plate!
Putting his socks on his head, or his knee or his hand.

Silliness, but it makes us all laugh.
I think this boy is definitely going to be the class clown.

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  1. lol. LOVE his mischievous smile! I have a thing for silly boys myself as I have 2 of them (Jet and his Daddy). lol. I can't get over how old he looks! It's like over night or something! Happy New year to your sweet family!