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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All about Wheels

So I said the last post that we didn't have anything that exciting in our house. Well we did buy a new van!

Kyle and I were very specific about what we wanted. We wanted a Grand Caravan, 2 rows of stow and go seats and a built in DVD system. And of course a good price. I never realized how small my old van is, until we got all of our stuff in this one and realized we still had lots of room. We didn't really get a good choice of colour. This one may look black, but the colour is actually blackberry. I'm told it looks purple when it's in direct sun - we'll see!
We got a number of different options on it as well, so I'm still trying to figure it all out.
But it did come with Sirius Radio (which I have discovered has a Broadway station - and I'm hooked)

But that wasn't the only set of wheels that we purchased this week!
We (finally) put in the order for Nick's wheelchair!

I'm pretty sure it is the Quickie Zippie GS. I say pretty sure, because to be honest, I was a little lost about everything.

We got to trial a lighter weight rigid frame chair. I did not get a chance to take any pictures, but just picture a little blond boy in a wheelchair screaming and saying 'no, no, no' while pointing to his loaner chair.

I was disappointed because I really pushed to try the lighter rigid frame chair. But Nick is the one in it, he gets to pick. But lifting the 'lighter' frame and then the 'heavier' frame, really was only a 3-5lb difference in weight.
Add that to the fact that I had gotten used to some of the features of our loaner - namely the arms that will lift up and out of the way, instead of just come off and need to be carried. Also a stroller handle to help Kyle. These options didn't come with the other chair.
So in the end I was happy with Nick's choice too.
If you play the video, don't put the volume loud - there is a kid crying in the background that I didn't notice until I got to the computer

So that matter settled, Bill (our equipment guy) and Lori (our not OT) got down to business. Out came their notebooks and back and forth they talked about different options and measurements while I just stood back and wondered what I was supposed to do. (But not in a bad way).
Then it was my turn for some choices

Our loaner is 'blue opal' and I didn't want that, it's a little plain. I wanted something brighter.
In the end I brought the colours home for Kyle to see what he liked. Luckily we all liked the same 3 colours.
Candy Blue, Candy Red and Copper.

This is a colour that Nick is going to have to like and live with for 5 years.
I was a little nervous.

But we decided on nice and bright and Orange!
It will be here in 4-6 weeks!
I never thought I would be excited for our own wheelchair. And when they talk about wheelchairs and buses for school I still get a bit queasy, but right now I am excited for Nick to get his own wheels!!!

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