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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clinic Time

We haven't been that eventful in the Ridding house! Seems like I haven't blogged in ages!
We had our spina bifida clinic again on Friday.
Pretty unexciting - which is what I expected. Always a good thing.

We had actually been at Bloorview on Thursday to deal with a red spot that Nick had on his heal.
That red spot worried me. Nick's foot had been coming out of his AFO and Kyle had noticed a dime sized red spot on Nick's heal on the weekend. So no more AFO's, no standing, no walking and waiting to be able to see orthodics. But they hollowed out a bit more of the heal, added some padding and away we go!

Today was an actual clinic day. All good news.
Urology/nursing - kidney/bladder ultrasound, all clear, no problems, continue as we are doing, see us in 6-9 months
Physio assessment - all good, he is doing amazing
Ortho - no issues, all clear for 1 year
The only thing was that Nick's scar makes it hard to tell if his spine is straight or not just by looking. He also has a part of the scar that got infected and is all indented, the part that runs along his side and isn't red, it is actually indented while the rest is pretty flat. (Out of Nick's scar, this is part I hate the most, but what can you do?).
In the end, they think that yes, his spine is straight, but it's something to pay attention to.

The best thing about the spina bifida clinic was that I got to spend it with Shayna and her son Gage - who is absolutely adorable!!! (You might remember Gage as the baby who was born last May, and I got to be there).
Instead of sitting around waiting for everyone to come and see you, Shayna and I got to wait together and people pretty much just found us.
That was great!
I think every clinic visit should be like that!
We talked about getting a picture of the boys together but didn't get a chance to.

We had some time for Nick to play with the fish tank.
I have a video of Nick (slowly) wheeling his chair around the fish tank, but it won't load. So I'll try to load it for another post.
Nick likes the fish so much I thought it would be good incentive for him to stand at (still working on getting him to like simple standing at things). Needless to say Nick was less than impressed about standing at the fishies.

Once he got his balance and realized that no, he wasn't going to fall he got a little more brave with the standing. (Sorry for the lousy pictures, my camera's flash stopped working - something about not liking that last fall to the floor or something, electronics these days!).

 The clinic is divided into 2 half days. The morning is when you see the nurse, physiotherapy and get necessary ultrasounds. Then there is lunch, the physicians get the opportunities to review all of the tests and assessments. In the afternoon we get to visit with the doctors, get the results, get the plans and go from there.

At the end of all of this Nick and I still had one more exciting meeting (never thought I'd say that!). But I'm going to leave that for a new post!

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