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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally! Some Winter!

I am really going to regret this title in a month or so.
But for now, it is the middle of January and we finally had some snow stay down in the backyard. (And already I hear people complaining about the cold).
I'm really sorry for all the pictures being sideways - it's driving me CRAZY and 3 hours later I'm just posting!

But Katheryn loves the snow, so we went out in the backyard to run around and play.
First there was the production of making sure that everyone was warm enough.

And we might as well get Nick up and standing while we are at it!
Nick is gaining so much confidence on his feet now!

Katheryn was all ready and waiting for Nick and I to finish getting dressed for the cold. Katheryn is wearing a scarf that still has my name sewn into it from when I was a little girl!

And Nick wanted to make sure that we didn't forget to put his new boots on (they light up).

Then we were out!

Katheryn has a house in the backyard that they gravitate to. All Nick wanted to do was ring the doorbell and get inside. BUT we have stuff inside and I can't fit inside like I did in the fall.
So I'm holding onto Nick's arm or shoulder or something to try to get him to move around in the little house. I wasn't always successful and Nick had 2 spills  - luckily he just seemed to shrug it off. I don't have any pictures because I just don't have that many hands!

And Katheryn was serving some snow-hamburgers.

But the kids had alot of fun in the snow, and I got cold long before they were ready to go in!

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  1. Oh, fun!! We had snow today and Rachel was all over that. Kingsley has no interest, which is JUST FINE with me ;)