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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Speaking in Tongues

I have talked about how Nick's language has blossomed! OK, he's a boy, so I guess I should say boomed!
He talks all the time.
And it has meaning.
I just don't always know what it is.

One morning he's eating breakfast and just talking, talking. I have no idea what - it's like I can pick up a couple words here and there. I swear he was talking in French! (a language I took all through school and know how to say "je ne parle pas francias". Anyone who knows french I'm sure just realized I butchered their language.)
There are alot of words that I understand. I started making a list, but everyone day there are so many more to add to the list that I can't get them all. He probably has 100, maybe more. And sentences.

I know other moms said it would happen, and I know that at the time I knew that it would happen (most of the time I knew it would happen), and I find it magical that it is actually happening now.

This is of course after we finish our block of speech therapy for 6 months! where we worked on communication and not actual speech.
Right at the very end of our block Nick was just starting to get his words, but he was still shy about it. Still not talking that much outside of the home.

We are no strangers to speech therapy.
Katheryn is still in speech therapy. Has been since I referred her at 18 months because she had about 6 words and should have had more than 10. It took about 9 months for her to be picked up, but we have been able to apply everything we have learned back and forth between the 2 kids.

Katheryn we have goals for pronunciation of specific letters (especially K, F, G but other letters as well). For Nick I have to make up my own goals because we just finished our block and the things we learned there just don't seem to apply any more.
I'm hoping that next session we can have the same speech therapist for both kids so we can all be on the same page.
I'm trying to figure out where to start, or if I'm pushing too hard for something that will come naturally on it's own. But i just have to remember how we progressed with Katheryn. I know it will come.

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  1. It will happen in time :). It never hurts to set goals, though, and work towards them!! Keep up the good work! I am excited for all of the new words and developments!!