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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Zoo!

The Toronto zoo is one of my favorite places to take the kids.
We have a season pass, and I could fill my blog with all the trips to the zoo!
I always think that I won't take very many pictures this time around. And then I end up just click, click, clicking, and  somehow I took 140 pictures!

I like taking pictures of the animals
I love taking pictures of the kids
And I really love taking pictures of the awe of the kids looking at the animals.

This time around we went for something special.

The new baby polar bear

It was pretty cute, but Nick had a hard time getting close to it in his wheelchair. And people crowded around the area to get close. Katheryn was more interested in the movie about the polar bear that was playing in the tv nearby anways. But the bear was pretty cute!

The animals were pretty active. The polar bears and wolves were actually running around.
So we got to see alot of action when we were going through our polar bear route.

We always start with the polar bears, and then go through our regular routine: Polar bear, pizza, penguins.

The pizza and penguins are at the top of a hill.
So we even get our exercise!

The pizza revives everyone enough to be silly!
(I LOVE this picture)

And Katheryn gets a chance to climb on some rocks. Climbing is her favorite!

Photo op time!

It was too cold outside for the penguins so they were inside. But Katheryn and Nick didn't really care.
They pressed themselves up right against the glass to get as close as they could.

See those 2 penuins looking at the wall.
When I wasn't taking pictures the light was flashing off the lens and projecting against the wall. And like cats with a lazer pointer...
The penguins kept watching the wall and chasing the light (I didn't realize I was doing it). I couldn't figure out why the 2 penguins were looking at the wall like that.
Kyle told me what they were doing.
But we did more than just look at the animals.

Katheryn loves racing.
Everywhere it is race, race, race, race, race.
She used to be a bad sport. If she won it was 'go me, go me' (complete with dancing).
We tried to teach her that she doesn't win every time. She used to get really upset if she lost.
Now she says 'we both won'.
Nice open paths, not that many people. Perfect place for races!

We went to an exhibit we usually miss. I haven't actually been in the Rainforest exhibit in years (I acutally forgot it was there, we usually do a loop that just misses it). It had animals that the kids haven't seen before!
With Gorilla's!!

And turtles that you can press your nose right up against!

The fish were a favorite. And of course an oppurtunity to practice standing.

How can you not love that look of awe in those eyes.
Watching all of those fish swim around, so close you can almost touch them!

I remember when we first got the spina bifida diagnosis. I remember all of the thoughts and worries that went through my head. That are so silly now, but were real at the time.
Like will Nick be able to swim in the lake? Will he be able to play with Katheryn? Will they have fun together?
Spina bifida is always close to the surface - but sometimes it is thoughts like this. The joy I see when I look at my kids. The love, the laughter, the jouney together.

OK enough of that kind of talk, back to the zoo.
I think we get a couple of looks becasue Nick is in a wheelchair. And I used to think that I would care. But I'm too busy watching Nick explore like he was never able to in a stroller. To push and move himself right where he wants to go!

These little guys (lemurs) come so close!
They scared Nick at first, becasue he didn't realize that there was glass there.

On the way out we stopped for a quick photo!
(Katheryn just wanted to get home.)

And Nick had  alot of fun rolling super fast (with daddy) down the hill!

At the end of the day we had an adventure girl who had alot of fun! and was really good at letting mommy snap alot of pictures.

And one very sleepy little boy!

That was one fun, family adventure!

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  1. So fun! Jet has never been to the Zoo here in Atlanta so I'm excited about the thought of taking him this summer. I hope we have as much fun as you did!