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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Day in our life!

It might seem that we are always out having fun, trips to the zoo, Build a Bear, Ottawa or going to the doctor/clinic or physio.
Believe me, sometimes it feels like that.
But the rest of the time we are just doing boring stuff.

Watching TV
Doing laundry
Sweeping the floor (this is as clean as my house will get some days)
Playing inside, playing outside
Fun trips to the grocery store
Or just doing nothing

I also work outside of the house. Sometimes alot (too much) and sometimes I have a break of a week or so between shifts (the joy of job-sharing).
I'm a nurse and sometimes that job comes home with me. No, not any nasty bugs (I try really hard to prevent that). But just the emotional toll of a bad day.

Some of home comes to work with me as well.
I think after having kids, but especially Nickolas I am stronger at work.
I had one situation where a doctor (we didn't usually work with) was nasty and talking down to me. I had a number of other people (nurses and doctors) say how calm I was and how I didn't let it bother me.
In my  head I was thinking that doctor is an ass, but he can't scare me. My son has had brain surgery . And sometimes that puts it all in perspective.

How many things can you really put in a day?
we try to fit some working, some learning (we are working on colours for Nick and certain sounds for Katheryn), some fun. And some mommy free time.
Balanced between the 2 kids.

Our current battle is to try to get a few healthy meals into the kids that they will eat.
Ha ha!
My kids refuse to eat anything particularly healthy.
We have just started to feel them what we are eating, no exceptions.
I know it's easier to just give in and give that hot dog, pizza or PB&J. (And I wonder when we have constipation issues?)

So what do we have covered?
Playtime, eating, cleaning..

My kids gave up their naps a couple of months ago. Oh how I miss that nap!
They wake up late.
I generally won't let them sleep past 9am.
No nap, unless we are in the car and then sometimes
We go up for bedtime between 8 and 9pm.
Bath, cath, pjs, stories and snuggles until either mommy or kids fall asleep - usually somewhere north of 10pm!

So that's our day!
Oh yeah, and Kyle is in there with me (I use the royal we)

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