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Friday, February 3, 2012


The kids got a Build-A-Bear gift certificate for Christmas, and after a couple of calender dates were aligned we finally had our date!
It was a whole family affair  - Kyle had Katheryn and I had Nick. Also my brother-in-law, sister-in-law came with my niece and nephew, and my mother in law.

I've seen the store before and thought it looked interesting, but never really went in to see what it was.
You get to personalize everything.
You get to pick the type of bear, add some sounds, add stuffing and then pick out all of the clothes and accessories.
Sounds fun right?

First there is a whole row of empty bears. And you get to pick one.
Ideally the one your kid wants.
Nick liked all of them. Every one he was in front of he wanted.
Katheryn on the other hand knew exactly what she wanted.
The polar bear. Because "polar bears are my favorite"

After picking the bear you want then you stuff it.
They have a whole machine filled with stuffing!

The kids get to stuff their own bears by stepping on a lever and fill it as full as they want.
Nick kept crying when we gave him the bear. He still wasn't too sure about what we were doing.

Nick and I got to tag-team the lever. He was a little unsure at first, but once he figured out that what I wanted him to step on actually did something. Then he got into it.

We got some sounds in it as well. For Nick's I chose giggling and a multi-sound from Happy Feet 2. So when you press the hand/foot it makes a sound.

After the bear is stuffed like you want it, you get to choose a heart to put inside of it.

Katheryn had to rub the heart against her heart, against her hand, tell it a secret (Katheryn looked at the lady completely confused with that one), give it a kiss and then put it inside.

Then it's time to get dressed!
There are a TON of clothes to pick from (alot more girl clothes than boy clothes).
But everything from holiday clothes, pajamas, costumes, work or just every day clothing. They even had underwear!

Nick didn`t really care about the clothes. But the sun glasses were a definite hit!
And those cool shoes!

Nick just really wanted those sunglasses!

And yes I know it looks like he`s strangling his bear.

But we finally got Nick`s bear all cooled up!

All of the kids got some accessories.
Accessorizing at the toy store!

Katheryn`s polar bear not only came with a red dress, shoes, hair ribbon and red purse - `red is my favorite colour`. But also the stroller and a cell phone!
Katheryn was happy with what she got!

Nick`s bear came with the sunglasses, and his very own wheelchair. Including a rocking shirt - that plays the guitar!

And his very own guitar! (which doesn`t actually make any noise)

Definitely a super-fun adventure for the kids!

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  1. A wheelchair!! That's awesome! My girls went there with my mother in law last year and made bears for the three of them. I had no idea there were so many options though! They have a billion outfits now thanks to Santa (aka Grandma) and love their bears to bits. Did you guys name them and get birth certificates? King's bear is named Kinky because that's how Cor said his name when the bear was made!