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Friday, January 4, 2013


The kids went bowling for the last day before school restarts!
I had nothing to do with this, and our daycare provider Jennifer Daviau is the most amazing person ever! She organized and took them, and took pictures.
At first I thought "oh Katheryn will have fun, but how would Nick be able to bowl?". and how?

There is a whole contraption for Nick to just push the bowling ball.
He had so much fun! When I got home from work he was excited to tell me how he was bowling.
The kids love the bowling app on our tablet, so they get the concept, I just thought they were still too young.
Guess I was wrong.

I know a lot of parents have had concerns and problems finding daycare for their kids who have additional needs. We have not had a single problem with Jennifer and that has just reduced significant stress from when I had to go back to work.
Need to learn how to cath - no problem.
Need to drop off Katheryn early/stay late for appointments - just tell me when
Need a last minute drop off because we are heading to emerg - we actually dropped her off in the middle of a bus-run.
Becoming accessible, using the walker, AFOs, (and now the KAFO), latex-free, symptoms of shunt failure, medications the list goes on and on and we haven't had any problems.

It has been great to have someone who does not see spina bifida as holding Nickolas back. They go out on all the day trips, things may be adjusted for Nickolas but they are still done.


  1. Thank you for the kind words Nick is no different from anyother child and will fight kicking and screaming to ensure he is included in every single activity we do. We all had a blast. I had tears of joy watchibg Nick go through the jumpy Castle (with assistance) abd down the two story slide. Both him snd Katheryn are part of my family. From bowlitg to swimming to feeding horses Nick will be there right beside us all, and we are truly blessed to have him with us. :)

  2. Jennifer is absolutely amazing! My son goes there too and he adores Nickolas!

  3. That's awesome, so fortunate to find someone who cares so much! I've been thinking of bowling, too. We should look into it. Cordelia with a 5lb thing she can throw scares me a little though.