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Monday, January 28, 2013

No family like a Snow family

Today was a snow day. Perfect snow, snow man building snow. Nickolas was very excited to go out and build snowmen!

He wanted to build some snowmen on the front lawn. We brought out the walker, but he couldn't get it moving in the snow. We used it so he could stand up

But when it was time to start pushing the snow around he had to get down on the ground.


He tried pushing the snow, but it was heavy, and wet.

 Nickolas took more of an artistic director role.

We had a mommy

A doggy
(Nick was upset that he didn't have a hat)

A boy

Nickolas' favorite was the boy, because he had a green and black hat.

He also liked that he had a walker just like him, because mostly he liked the hat and the carrot-nose.

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