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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pirate Hunting jacket!

 Every week at Physio we put on Nick's special jacket and go pirate hunting!!
We started 2 months ago with the hardness, just at the end of our last physio block to get him used to being upright and hands-free.
Look at those super-fast feet!
We are always trying to do something fun, and pirate hunting has just stuck!
 (Sorry for the background noise - the treadmill was really loud today)

We spent the whole session walking on the treadmill, kicking balls back and forth and just moving, moving, moving.

He is getting much better control.
He can actually move himself around the room without additional help

And he likes it!
There is a part in this video where he reaches and says "I can't get it". I couldn't helpful myself by saying "Use the force". I just couldn't help it.

And of course he loves that both the kids could hold hands and walk.

This PT session was a bit crowded. School was still out and we had a dinner date afterwards so the whole family was there.

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  1. That is REALLY COOL!! I love it! And I love hearing his sweet little voice. In my head, he's still that little wee toddler I met. So hard to believe how much our boys are growing up sometimes.