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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some imagination

OK Maybe 3 isn't as horrible as I may have made it sound.

What I have found and loved is the imagination that has bloomed and developed in Nickolas. On top of being very specific about what he loves and likes - pirates and backyardigans topping up this list, he wants to play all the time.

And both the kids are playing together. Yes they have been playing together for a long time. A lot of it was Katheryn playing and directing Nick about what to do and Nick saying yes, yes, yes.
But now Nickolas is directing Katheryn! It is his ideas that they are playing out.
Nick pretending to be a rocket ship and flying through space

Nickolas is a little bit obsessed with his "Back-e-gans". He watches the same 2 episodes over and over and over again, and then acts them out, alone or with Katheryn.

I love watching the kids playing together, and hearing Nick explore his imagination. I can't describe the joy I get from watching my children grow before my eyes! Imagine that!

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  1. Adorable!! I love the Backyardigans. Kingsley went through a love affair with them and I was so sad when it ended. Now, we watch endless episodes of Toopy and Binoo or Max and Ruby. I guess they grow on you. ;)