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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I want to ride a Bicycle

Last week when we were at PT with Katheryn, she spent alot of the time riding around on one of the bicycles. And Nick wanted to ride a bike too!

We got Nick a toddler bike almost 2 years ago. And we used it a lot more this past year.

But I think he will have outgrown it this year. Except it has a lot of the options we need. A higher back and seat belt for balance, a push bar for parents. I also wanted to figure out a way to keep his feet in the peddles. That was a lot of the difficulty for Nick this year. He might want to push the peddles, but he had to concentrate so much on keeping his feet on the peddles that pushing wasn't an option.

So this week in physio, they tried out a bike.

I was working - but Kyle took pictures. Nick was very excited to tell me how he got to ride the yellow bike at physio!
And of course the smile says it all!
Nickolas was able to peddle the bike with minimal help, and had so much fun!
I guess we'll be hitting the bike fair in March!

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