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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cover Girl

This month was very exciting for us, I spent almost 2 weeks checking every magazine stand we passed. Because we "know" the cover girl of the February issue of Parents Magazine! Her name is Emily and her mom blogs just like me. Emily is just 6 months old than Nickolas and was also born with spina bifida.

I finally found it! Of course as soon as I found it, I had to take a picture.

I wanted to show it and share it with everyone. When I was paying for it the cashier shared that her brother uses a wheelchair. I showed my sister, the girls at work, friends I saw.

When I got home I showed it to the kids. Nickolas thought it was great that she had a gold walker! Gold! And Katheryn wanted to read the magazine and look at the pictures. We had a little talk about why it was special that she was in the magazine. That she was born just like Nick, with a boo-boo on her back.
They were both impressed that someone was just like Nickolas. And Katheryn wanted her picture in a magazine.

Emily on the cover of a parents magazine is not a little thing.
It is the first time a child with a disability is on a mainstream parents magazine. I want to put it in every obstetricians office, screaming "this is what spina bifida looks like" just like any other kid, only with a walker and some cool braces. She is adorable and happy! There isn't any article in the magazine talking about what it is like to have a child with spina bifida, the article she is on is about making valentines day crafts.

There is a quick little blurb about the cover girl on the first couple of pages, and it talks quickly about what spina bifida is. Online there is an interview with her mom, and a follow up blog from a writer for Parents magazine.
I'm not sure what I like better, that the purpose of her being the cover girl in the magazine was just because she was super cute, or that it gave an opportunity to show what spina bifida looks like. It's kinda contradictory that I'm glad the article she was in had nothing to do with spina bifida while showing off what a child with spina bifida is like.

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  1. Totally agreed- I think it is win win in both aspects! I blogged about this as well. So exciting!