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Friday, July 20, 2012

Post-camp Party!

I think we have spoiled kids - as you will see over my next couple of blogging posts, the kids have 3 parties in 3 days.
But the first is a March of Dimes family BBQ.

There was lots of fun things to do.
Spider man was there, and so was Duke the Marlies dog-mascot

When we first met him in the hallway, Nickolas was TERRIFIED!
Shaking, screaming, I-want-up-NOW, terrified!

Nick kept calling him the bear. But he eventually understood that Duke was a dog.
And he would not let him out of his site while we were outside.

Even when we were home, Nick kept saying "the dog scared me".
Sorry Duke!

Nick wasn't really interested in much that they had.
He really wanted a balloon (unfortunately we said no, which was probably really mean of us, because w told Katheryn yes). But we just couldn't deal with 2 screaming kids.

They had a firetruck and firemen, a police horse (complete with police officer), a bunch of different animals, including this little baby kangaroo. Katheryn eventually got brave enough to touch him. But Nick was not interested.

What he really wanted, desperately, was to get his face painted.

So we decided on a blue Spiderman.

Everyone was happy!

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