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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jumping for joy!

A mother will do anything for her kids.
Some things are just a little more difficult than others.
Like acting like a kid and playing on a trampoline! That was hard!

Especially with all the laughter!
Just to add a note - I did not at any time land on either kid - when I was looking over the video (even though I was there) some of the jumps looks like I landed right on Nick. So watch the video and enjoy - no one got hurt.

But sometimes we just have to sacrifice our illusion of acting like an adult! (even on the eve of your 34th birthday - maybe especially on the even of your 34th birthday)

I was a little hesitant to let Nickolas go on the trampoline to begin with.
My thought originally was what would he be able to do? He can't jump on it?

But really there was no harm in putting him in and seeing what he could do.
I really should have known better thinking he couldn't  do something!

And even without anyone else jumping on the trampoline, Nickolas still hopped himself all over!

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