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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Walking, Walking, Walking!

He is really walking!

I decided to give Nickolas a bit of a challenge when we went to a party yesterday.
We brought the walker in with us. AND we made him walk with it.

Made is a bit of a strong word.
Nickolas wants to walk with his walker now.
But usually before it was a hassle to bring the walker in, when we could just carry him to where he wanted to go to play with the other kids.

So I guess I should say that we made ourselves bring the walker.

The challenge - walk, in a crowd of people, people you don't know, in grass, and over bumps.
Challenge accepted!

It was 16 months ago that the idea of a walker was first brought up.
And 1 year ago that we tried out, and then brought home our first walker.
I remember I had dreams of Nickolas walking in the walker for Halloween. But even though things didn't move as fast as I had dreamed Nickolas still moved forward slowly, but surely.
And we worked with what he needed because I had faith that we would find the one.

Just before Nickolas turned 2, he took his first independent steps in the walker!
But the journey was not without hard work and some tears.
And the flexibility to change things up when we hit a plateau, or just wanted to find something that works.

And in April we had our very own walker!
I learned that we had to take some breaks from the walker. And I learned that I couldn't push it on him. But also that I could make my own adjustments - like when I put on the swivel control, so that even though it was harder for him to move, it gave him the ability to control where he was going.
Nickolas finally realized that he could do it!
And that's my recap of Nick's walker journey!

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