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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chalk it up to a good day!

Cool dude with the sidewalk art!

And Katheryn's favorite design ever (a rainbow)
red, orange, yellow... green, followed by blue, then comes indigo and violet, a rainbow song for you!

Those knee pads sure come in handy with the hard driveway.
Nick loves crawling all over and leaving his mark!

 And because we were in the driveway, we might as well pull  out all of the bikes.
The kids are both still learning how to ride them

Katheryn has started to figure out how to move the pedals to move forward, just working on getting her to keep moving them forward

And Nick has been able to keep his feet on the pedals.
Now we are just working on getting him to move them

But in the meantime - they are still having fun!

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