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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Nickolas is being a show-off again!

Nickolas is counting to 15!

Like everything in Nick's life, he kept this little secret to himself, and then blasted his poor mommy out of the water!
We've started to use potty time for some learning, we did colours and then this week I thought we could move onto numbers. The potty is a great time to work, because it is quiet time, usually without big sister who likes to give him the answers.
When we started this week I was so happy that he counted to 3! Or counted 3 things that we had around the tub.

Then yesterday I had 10 toys all lined up for us to count.And he just kept going, all the way up to 15! (or five-teen).
I asked him if I could go and grab my camera, not really 100% sure that he would give a repeat performance for the camera. But off he went! I'm sure in his head he was saying (oh mom!)

There have been a number of things that I have been worried about developmentally with Nickolas. He didn't know his colours - or I should say, he refused to say his colours (saying that everything is blue) for the longest time.
But I was worried about his numbers, he didn't know them (or so I thought).
I guess this means we will tackle the alphabet next!
Sorry kid, no rest!

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