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Friday, July 13, 2012

3 years

It's been 3 years.
3 years since d-day (diagnosis day). Actually 3 years isn't for a couple of days - July 16th I think - but this is Friday the 13th and I thought it was appropriate.

I don't know how to mark the worst day of my entire life.
Except maybe to show other parents that the worst day of their life can't turn into the greatest joy they can know. And review a bunch of past pictures...

A couple of words in a doctors office doesn't describe what life having a child with spina bifida will be like.

The waiting, and wondering and worrying before the big day!

The introduction and realization that he is actually here! In your arms!

The unbelievable, I-didn't-know-my-heart-was-this-big, kind of love

On d-day you can't imagine the joy you hear in the first sound of laughter

The words 'spina bifida' do not describe my little heart breaker

It does not define the things that he can do, or when he will do them.

A diagnosis doesn't tell you the incredible bond he will have with his sister

Or how beautiful your child will be.

Thinking about d-day gives me an opportunity to go through all of the wonderful things I didn't think I would have 3 years ago.

An all-around fun kid!

Who sometimes needs some encouragement, but really just redefines spina bifida every day.

Who is just a little nervous about trying out new things (like the first time he was upright by himself - December 2010)

How a mothers touch can make all the difference, even when you feel you are powerless

They don't tell you on d-day how much your child will love the bath tub and bath time

And waits until everyone is watching before showing off (standing for the first time unassisted - Feb 2011)

And is so proud of himself!

The diagnosis of 'spina bifida' doesn't mean that you won't have a trouble maker on your hands!

Or a silly monkey - with a quirky sense of humor!

A little boy who loves animals and learning about new things

And LOVES, LOVES, LOVES chocolate!

On d-day all you can think about is how your child will be different from everyone else. But that's not true, he will fit right in with your family.

Until he wants to stand out and show he is his own little boy!

And that he really, truly is the coolest boy in town!
(Even with geeky parents)

With a family who only wants to see him smile, even when he is sad

And will light the way on whatever path he wants to take

Spina bifida (and d-day) will show you that you are stronger than you think you are (October 2011 - outgrowing his stroller)

and will help you have an open mind about things that you were always worried about

On d-day you realize that you life has changed forever. But as long as you keep moving forward with a smile on your face you will get to where you were meant to be.

And there will be love

And there will be laughter

And the rest just slides into place

3 years after d-day I only wish that there had been more awareness of what spina bifida truly looks like when we got our news

And somehow in 3 years (OK almost 3 years for this picture) we went from this...

To this...

And I wouldn't trade this craziness for anything!

Anyone wondering about how life will be after d-day should check out this borrowed post Sometimes the Doctors are Wrong Thanks to Jamie for collecting all of these stories in her blog!


  1. OHMIGOSH!!! Baby Nickolas and all his chubby yumminess! I feel like only yesterday he was pulling to stand on his own, how did he grow up so fast? Holy, he's such a big boy now. Of course it's your DDay, funny how '4 months until their birthday' is a significant date for us. King's Dday is exactly 4 months before his birthday. Amazing what can happen in three years, how the lowest low can show you the highest highs. Beautiful post!

  2. What a beautiful post about an absolutely adorable little fella! Precious!!