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Friday, July 20, 2012

Conductive Education Camp - part 2

The second week of conductive education camp went smoothly.
Nick knew he was being dropped off, and was really excited when mommy or daddy picked him up (because I'm back at work full-time I couldn't take the time off like last year - so Kyle and I split up the weeks). It was exhausting for all of us to be out of the house and ready so early in the morning. But definitely worth it.

Every day Nick came home with the fun crafts he had done that day.
(The time-travelled to the 60's)

And Katheryn wanted to do all the same things when she saw what Nick had!

And asking after Katheryn. As soon as he say me (or Kyle) the second words after "Mommy" was "where is Katheryn, where is Daddy?"
But I think the separation was really good for him.

Standing and do things, always adding some kind of challenge to what he was doing well at continued.
And Nick finally participated in the floor program (without crying) by the end of the second week!

 How did Nick become such a big boy!

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