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Monday, July 16, 2012

Conductive Education Camp - part 1

Nickolas started his first child-only camp!
Nick was able to 'upgrade' even though he isn't 3 years old yet. They thought that he was ready to be more independent and with older kids.

So we had Conductive Education camp through March of Dimes for 3 hours a day, for 2 weeks.

It had only been a month or so since we had our final spring session with Abigail, so Nickolas knew exactly where we were when we pulled into the driveway.

But we did not talk ahead of time that he wasn't going to have mommy there. I didn't want to get him worried, and over the spring I started doing less and less so he could get used to doing things without me coaching him.

We walked in together. But when it was time for me to go...
And I left.

I had no idea what I was going to hear when I picked him up 3 hours later.
But Nickolas was fine.
They said he was upset and crying for about 30 minutes. And didn't participate in any of the floor part (which he hates anyways). But that this is normal.
And it will get better.

Nickolas got to walk through the doors - all by himself!

And I already showed the video of his experience with the ramp

Over the 2 weeks Nick got more and more comfortable and transitioned better every day.

Until finally the last couple of days we had absolutely no tears at the drop off!

And Nickolas made all kinds of new friends as he 'travelled back in time' in a time machine

We got a book at the end of camp with all of the pictures and what Nickolas was doing good every day - as well as talking with the conductors when we picked him up.

Things that we worked on was walking over a floor ladder or between parallel bars and stepping over things - going control over where his feet were going, instead of anywhere. Walking in parallel bars and between ropes - all with a fun activity (building castles, finding dragon food).
He also worked on picking things up with his toes (dragon food) and passing things to his friends.

Some of the things that Nickolas did well was sitting on the peanut ball, pinching things with his toes and stepping over a floor ladder

By the end of the week Nick was having fun with his new friends!
The ever-typical boy. Always wanting to be in the drivers seat!

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