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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Day of Adventure - Disney Style

The kids got Disney on Ice tickets from my parents for Christmas. Nick has been so excited the last couple of days to see "Mickey on Ice!"
We surprised them with our transportation downtown.
A Train ride!!!

I contacted Go Transit to make sure that everything was accessible for us (after reading an article about nightmare situation with accessibility). I was told that all of their elevators were working and so there shouldn't be any issues (there wasn't - other than volume of people using the elevators).

At first the kids were scared of the big train, but very quickly they adjusted and were having a great time! (And that was only to get there - there was lots more fun for the day).

Luckily we arrived 90 minutes early. Because to actually get to the building (which is right beside each other) and apparently a quick 'brisk walk' through the Skywalk turned into a bit of an accessibility nightmare. Mainly because the signs the said the Skywalk was under construction and specifically said they were not wheelchair accessible.

Nickolas insisted upon an apple for the adventure. And Kyle pushed him through the slush and snow outside (luckily I was with people who have a better sense of direction than I do).

There are so many accessibility issues/thoughts that came up during this day trip. Including what wheelchair access tickets mean. But this isn't the post for that. Maybe in the new year.

Nickolas enjoyed his seat.

Katheryn wanted to sit in regular seats, so we stayed in my parents seats for most of the show.

But we could still see the others from where we were - Kyle, Nickolas and my parents stayed in the accessible "seats". We had 4 tickets here (but there wasn't any actual seats) just leather dining chairs that were pulled up to the barrier.

Neither kid have been to a sit-down show before. We haven't even taken them to the movies! So I wasn't sure how they would be.

Katheryn was great! She danced and clapped and had so much fun!
The show has divided into 4 'worlds' of characters - Cars, Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell and Toy Story, with songs and sound-over from the movies.

Nick had a lot of fun sitting in everyone's lap so he could see.

Katheryn stayed in our seats for half of the second 'act' and then wanted to go back to Nick and watch the show from those seats.
Being accessible and child-viewing accessible are 2 different things!
Luckily there were lots of laps handy for some clear viewing.

By the second act Nickolas was all tuckered out!
He had a good 45 minute nap like this!

 But we got some video of the show for the kids later on at home.
And there was enough of Mickey on Ice mixed with princesses and tinkerbell for everyone to enjoy!

On the way home the kids knew exactly what to expect from the choo-choo train. And we left the wheelchair downstairs with Kyle to go and explore the top of the train.

They were distracted for some of the ride with their leap pads.

Then Nick got his train-legs and stayed the rest of the ride on his feet - walking back and forth between a number of sets of seats.

 We ended our fun day of adventure with a dinner out!
And then bedtime (at least for mommy and daddy)

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