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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let is snow!

We got our first real snowfall of this winter. Enough to go out in the backyard and actually play!
So while I was getting Nick ready to go outside I got thinking how he would move around. My back has been bothering me and he is too independent to be carried. Crawling is not an option.
So we brought out a walker.

We have 2 walkers, a little Kaye walker I bought in 2011, it has 2 wheels and 2 stoppers, but is very light weight and easy for parents to carry around (I've been toying with the idea of paying another $100 for the second pair of wheels).

Nick liked being in the walker, but the wheels would not let him actually move in it. But together both of us could get it moving. Nick did think it was really neat that he had snow on his boots!

 Katheryn let me take some pictures of the 2 of them together!

And then she wanted to throw more snow at me!

And Nick would stand and watch, and laugh!

 Katheryn was busy making lots of snow angels in the snow.

Nickolas had no desire to get down in the snow and get his hands cold and snowy. All he wanted to do was make a snowman, but the snow wasn't packing enough (I didn't break it to him that he would have to get his hands in the snow).

 Instead the 2 kids spend time going up and down the slide - superfast!


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