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Monday, December 31, 2012

Delve back into 2012

How do I look back at the last year?
I tried looking through all of my pictures and just picking out a couple of my favorites. Or 181 of my favorites! And no I'm not going to post 181 pictures here. Maybe just a couple of a month.

But this was our 2012

January was the month of purchases and clinic. We enjoyed some outdoor fun, purchased a new van, Nick's wheelchair and a potty for Nick. We also registered Katheryn for kindergarten. We tried to set up a whole year of doing.

February didn't see us doing anything special. Setting the pace, making small progresses. I do stand on my soap-box a couple of times this month. But we tried to do everything together.

March brought us a whole new world of therapy. Nickolas enjoying himself, working, showing off and blowing everyone away (in physiotherapy and speech therapy). Katheryn of course was right by his side.

April my little girl turned 4!! It's hard to think back to 4, right now my mind is already focus on the big 5. Katheryn had herself a tea party for her birthday (setting the costume trend). Nick got not one, but two sets of his own wheels.

In May we were ready for summer to start! We spent a lot of time outside, playing, drawing, walking around the zoo and of course the long weekend up at the cottage. We also had some changes we have had to adjust with our spina bifida lives - losing our in-person support group.

June of course is spina bifida awareness month. And I just love this picture of Nick with the spine! June was also a big change for us as I went back to work full time and felt I didn't have time to do a lot of stuff (like blogging). We were getting things ready for school, finishing off C/E and trying to adjust to a new dynamic , right before everything changes for the summer.

July  had Nickolas in his intensive conductive education, and mommy learning to let go for a while, but there was lots of walking and learning and doing more things. Katheryn was getting ready for school and showing off her attitude! Oh yeah and a couple of us turned 34 (which seems like such a  grown up number, as I'm writing this)

August. What can I say about August, other than WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! On our first family holiday. I know we did other things, Katheryn started camp, Nick had his MRI, we had our family reunion. But really it was that 4 days that made an August to remember.

And September brought the start of school. A whole new era - for Katheryn, and for us. We started off the month with a final farewell to the summer at the cottage. We did a bunch of learning, and teaching this month with school, meet the teacher, parent talks and a general meeting.

I think October was spent with Thanksgiving and then all of our spare time was spent getting the kids ready for Halloween. But I think it turned out great! It was definitely a month for pictures

November had another birthday, 3 years. Pirate style! Adjusting to the new attitude that seems to come with 3 has been interesting. But Nickolas has restarted therapy and really took off (literally) with his walking and desire to walk. And Katheryn has started to want to pose for pictures - very important in this family.

And here we are in December. I think we jammed every single spare minute with some kind of holiday fun or event or something to write about. We had parties and concerts, Santa Claus, writing, reading, snowball throwing, train rides and of course Christmas (and even some pirate AFO's thrown in the balance).

When I started this I was thinking that 2012 was a nice slow and steady year. But we filled a lot into this year. If we wanted a year of doing I think we got it.
I feel like I'm behind on a lot of stuff, the house is a mess and sometimes I just want a day off. But the kids are having a blast and that is what they will remember. And 2013 is almost here, maybe I can rest then, but I'm sure I'll have something else to do with the family when the time comes.

 Can't wait to see what lucky number 2013 will bring!


  1. Awesome!! Great recap! And you can never have enough pictures, in my opinion ;)

  2. I have been following your blog but don't think I have commented... Happy New Year! I work with kids in India who have special needs, and a few of the kids have SB, which I have been wanting to learn more about. thanks for sharing Nick's story!

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