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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fa La La La La

La La La La!

We had Katheryn's first Christmas concert this year.

Luckily we came 30 minutes early, and got a 3rd row seat!
We came prepared with the ever-present Leap Pad.

 We did catch her eye before she went in.
Katheryn was so excited!

Some kids were told to wear reindeer ears, Katheryn told us she was a reindeer.
At first she didn't see us - but eventually she caught sight of us - or just looked like she did.
I had to battle not wanting to ruin anything for the other parents around me, and wanting to get some good pictures of my kid!

It was cute! Katheryn's class did 2 songs and the kids were all very animated.
Katheryn sang and clapped and had a great time!

 Afterwards we had a little party in the gym.
All the parents brought some snacks

The stage was free, and I had my camera...

I was the first parent who let her kid on stage. (I have no idea if they were allowed to). And some others did the same.
I had one kid ask me if people were allowed on the stage - in very-respectable-adultness I shrugged my shoulders and said 'sure'.

They played Christmas music - Chipmunks Christmas actually (which Katheryn tells me is her favorite Christmas album) and everyone did some running around and dancing!

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