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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Holly Jolly Christmas Parties

The kids had a Christmas fun-filled weekend
(one of the down-sides of working shift work is that weekends are very valuable and usually jam-packed - especially when I worked 3 out of the 4 weekends before Christmas)
Saturday was following Bartley tradition by putting up the Bartley-family Christmas tree. For as long as I can remember the first Sunday of December was always set aside for Bartley Christmas. It was at my grandmothers and after she passed away it naturally transitioned to my parents.

The kids got into putting decorations on the Christmas tree - for about 5 minutes.
Just enough time for a photo-op.

And they thought the village I set up (another tradition) was put out just for them!

The next day we had another family tradition - the annual Ridding brunch.
Which thankfully was scheduled on the right weekend.
The family is huge! With 5 new babies born this year it is only getting bigger - so a hall was rented this year!

The kids thought it was great!

What do kids love to do?
Run around SUPERFAST!
And now they had the room to do it!

Nickolas spent almost 2 straight hours on his feet!
This was waaay more than just showing off

This was keeping up, having stamina and playing at the same level!

Some words I never would have thought I'd say a couple of years ago...
"Nickolas! don't run over your cousin!"

Katheryn wanted me to find a limbo stick!

And we had some froggy games

Some crafts... (Trying to stay in the lines)

And Katheryn found that the floor was nice a slippery which is perfect for sliding!
She kept wanting me to take her picture sliding

Since the kids were dressed up super-cute (I just LOVE that tie) and there was a Christmas tree, I thought I'd try for a cute kid picture (even though I already have my Christmas-tree pictures)

 By the end of the weekend Nick was so tuckered out, he needed help holding his head up to play his leap-pad games

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