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Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Day More

Tomorrow is the day.

Work is done until August 8th.
My brain feels like it has been mush for the last couple of weeks, and while work has given me time to concentrate on something else, I am glad it is over.
Work gave me a send off with a care package, with a TMNT game for Nick, colouring book for Katheryn and some relaxation stuff for myself. (Including a scalp massager that I may pull out in the surgical waiting room...)

I have been making a packing list so that we don't forget anything. Sick Kids has a preparation checklist that I have been using. I like checklists and preparing, doing something to help to prepare for the unknown that is post-op.

So I'm packing for the hospital; Myself and Nick, distraction for the hospital, snacks for the hospital.

I'm not sure what Nick will need and what I should pack. I thought about new PJ's for Nick in the hospital as a surprise, but then someone mentioned that he will have drains and stuff and a hospital gown may be the easier option. I asked about needing to bring catheters, diapers and medicines, they will have everything we need.
What about clothes, we'll be getting him up and moving, so what will he need to be comfortable to move around. We'll have his walker to get into the OR and playroom, and we'll keep it with us and have this as his mobility option in the hospital.

For myself clothes that are comfortable to sit around in a hospital room. A sweater in case the AC is too high, flip-flops to walk around in. Also a pillow and blanket for myself for sleeping (they have a couch in every room for sleeping). All appropriate undergarments for myself (at Nick's original shunt surgery I found out that you can get any type of clothes you want at Sick Kids... except for a bra). And PJ's that are appropriate to wear in front of strangers (nurses and doctors who round at 6am).

For distraction I have a bunch of stuff. Distraction for me, like my book and the ability to blog/facebook and my phone (and the chargers). Distraction for Nick, colouring books, new videos, car games (that are small and confined for playing on the bed), and also distraction from pain, like bubbles and music.

Snacks are also something I need to pack. Something that will keep, that I will want to eat (instead of going down to the food court). Also very important is my own supply of tea and Splenda for the morning. Also my huge tea mug, water bottle and Nick's drinking cup.

We went through another workbook for Nick last night.
We drew pictures about Nick and his family. About what makes him happy and sad and what he will bring with him.

The top is a picture of Nick with spikey hair.
Under is Kyle with sunglasses (orange), Myself in purple, Katheryn is really tall (and has no arms) in pink, and Sammy has ears, nose, tail and 4 legs (2 big ones and 2 small ones).

We have a new Barbie for Katheryn (thanks to the SB&H) because Nick has gotten so much lately. She hasn't had any questions, and we have a plan for her while Nick and I are gone so she won't feel left out.

Urology says no prep, Routine medications, no more and no less.
So we are just waiting and preparing.
We have to be at Sick Kids for 6am, surgery time 8.

Thoughts, prayers, positivity and well-wishes are greatly appreciated!
Deep breath, I think we are ready.

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  1. good luck for tomorrow! Will be thinking of you guys! Sounds like you have everything covered :)