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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We are outta here!

We had a good night.
A really good night. Nick is obviously feeling better, and you can tell from this picture, because he is on his side, not just lying in a single position on his back.

We had some smiles first thing in the morning after the doctors rounded.

The dressing came off and we got to see what the belly button looked like. The glue and  blood was all mixed up and looked black. There was no red blood, no signs of infection, no pain (other than the tape coming off)

Nick was having a bit of pain and had just some advil, his pain went from his chest to his belly. We did some moving in the bed, and some 'gas movement' and the pain went away. We haven't had any poop yet, but gas is a good start.

Then it was time to get on his feet!
We were going to go out to the playroom in his walker, but ran into a little problem

Nick finished his juice and then that IV was good to come out! He was nervous at first and kept taking his hand away, but stopped paying attention when I was reading him a book and he didn't even notice.
And then we were good for a playroom visit. I wasn't sure how much stamina Nick would have with the walker, considering he hadn't walked anywhere since Monday.
But he showed me and he was off and running... literally. I had to tell him to slow down.

In the video that we had watched had talked about the playroom, so did the shunt book that we read. So Nick was very excited to go and visit the playroom.

They had a craft table that Nick want to do.
So we did a tissue craft. Nick did not do the intended craft, but he had a lot of fun making his own craft!

The nurse practitioner came to give me all of our instructions while Nick stayed in the play room. She reviewed the package she gave me, flushes, things to be concerned about and follow up. She also went through a presentation she gives to the nurses about the MACE
She answered all of my questions about volume of flushes (building up, starting at 10-20mL per flush and up to 360mL), leaving the foley in place (2-3 weeks), activity (as tolerated, no lifting), baths (yes), swimming (not until follow-up in 2 weeks). I have a package with all the stuff together. Also we qualify for some extra funding for ostomy supplies.

After this, we got ready to head out. Packing all of our bags, I gave Nick a bed-bath (he couldn't figure out why I was washing him in bed!. Then he got dressed. All of this activity and working over a couple of hours and how was Nick's pain?

After some lunch it was time for mommy to get to work and do the first flush.
This is the end that is hanging from Nick's belly. There is a little end and a big end. The little end is to inflate/deflate the balloon at the end of the catheter that is sitting in the colon. It is taped to Nick's belly so it doesn't pull.

And then for the flush, it is just 20 mL. I did it myself, no problem.
Afterwards Nick played with the syringe. No cramping, no pain. Everything was awesome.

Then it was time for me to do some trips to the car (while Nick took 300 pictures of his hospital room with my camera phone that I left with him).
And we are outta here!

Waiting for Kyle to get off work and pick us up, so we got as far as the playroom. But we are officially discharged.

I have absolutely no concerns about Nick being ready to go home. I can't even imagine staying for a longer time. Nick is just blowing me away with his recovery!

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