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Monday, July 28, 2014

Surgery Day

Today was the day we had been waiting for.
The day started at 4am and we were on the road at 5am to be at the hospital for 6 (and surgery at 8).
Considering that neither kid were go to sleep last night Nick was wide awake before the sun was even up.

We were as prepared as we could possibly be. And you could tell. Everything happened like we had discussed and thought it would.
Registration and arm band, waiting room with toys, seeing the nurse and having blood pressure and heart listened to. Of course Nick had his one cough of the day during this time. But all was good.

There wasn't a lot of time before we were ready to head into another room and talk with all of our doctors and nurses. Nick loved the space to be able to run around in his walker. (this picture is blurry because he wouldn't stay still)

You can tell that Nick wasn't worried or scared, he acted like he was a pro. The surgeon (Dr Lorenzo) came and talked to us. This was the first time Kyle had met him. He talked about what he would be doing, as well as what might happen if the appendix wasn't usable. It was a little bit worrisome that we went in for something that they couldn't guarantee they could do until they were already in.

We talked to anesthesia who said that I could go in with him, and that Nick wanted bubble gum smell in his face mask.
A Child Life Specialist also came by with some blocks and a doll that nick could colour (he did it orange and green like Michaelangelo).

When it was time to go in, Nick went in a wheelchair. He was talking and laughing and just really ready to go. He was helped on the table, we got to see all of the cool big lights, and the stickers and wires that we had coloured in his book.
Then it was time for the mask, he fell asleep holding his Tyrone.

Then it was back to the waiting room. They said about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
My friend Lisa came to be with us. I wasn't sure that we would need her, but it was such a great thing. The three of us all sat and talked and distracted each other. If it had just been Kyle and me, Kyle would have probably slept and I would have read my book... and thought and worried... and time would have passed very slow.

After 3 hours Dr Lorenzo came to talk to us in the waiting room. Everything had gone well, just like it was supposed to. He was able to do it laproscopically. About 30 minutes after that they called us into the recovery room. Nick was awake, but had been having some pain, they just gave him morphine before we got there. Nick also got Tylenol and Ketoralac (like an IV advil drug) in the operating room as well.

Nick wanted Kyle to stay, so I went up to our room and unloaded all of our bags.
I packed for a coupel of days stay, they said it might just be an overnight stay. But we'll see how everything is.

When Nick came into his room he has been really tired.

I had his Austin toy all ready for him.
And a new blanket with ninja turtles on it.

He wasn't that sure about the IV and kept asking why he had it. It doesn't hurt him, it just isn't usual for him to have a tube in his hand.

I took a picture of how his belly looks like now. I really wanted to know about drains and incisions and what to expect, so I've been taking pictures of some of the things to expect, for those who come afterwards.
The 2 bandaids are from the laproscope, and the tape with the gauze is over the belly button with the blue catheter in it.

Nick has been sleeping most of the afternoon, when he is awake he says that his belly hasn't been hurting.
And about 3 hours after being in his room Nick was awake and alert enough to give us a thumbs up. And he has wanted to watch his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shows.

Most of the time he's been sleeping, but Kyle and I are enjoying the new Nickolodeon Ninja Turtles. While Nick is drifting in and out.

The plan for today and tonight is to keep him comfortable, and once he is more alert to get him up and moving. Also eating and drinking. The IV will stay in, with IV antibiotics until tonight. His temperature has gone up a little bit (not unexpected), so we are keeping a watch on that.

I'm staying overnight with Nick, and Kyle will be heading home to be with Katheryn.
Katheryn has been good, having fun with grandma (Thanks gramdma).

I'll update more as we go, but this is our immediate post-op period.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and thinking and pryaing for us. Thanks to Terri at work who loaned me her keyboard so I could actually blog, and Lisa for knowing that I needed someone to come and be with us (even though I didn't know it myself).And Melissa, Saraha-Lynn and Kitty who called to see how things were.
Thanks to everyone!
We are receiving all of the good-healing vibes!

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