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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fun with Katheryn

Nick has started Conductive Education camp for 8 days.
It runs from 9-2, so instead of driving there and then driving home (about 70-90 minutes each way), I decided to stay around town.
We are lucky that it is right around the corner from the Ontario Science Centre.
So while Nick has been at camp, Katheryn and I have been going and learning (along with my dad for 2 of the days)

We've been checking out all of the different exhibits, and doing a different one each time.

There is so many different things to see and do and touch and run and climb and play and make noise!

There was a waterfall in a rain forest

The rock climbing was Katheryn's favorite part of the human body exhibit (why there is a climbing wall with human bodies, I'm not quite sure)

I took this picture to try to show Katheryn where Nick's spina bifida is.

Katheryn didn't know what these were...

And we also had to check out the mom and dad specific areas.
Like playing with an ultrasound on a 'pregnant' belly

Playing with the stethescope

And connecting electrical circuits

But she really enjoyed being a shoe-maker
We divided the science centre into 3 days so we got to check out everything. Katheryn has had as much fun with the Science Centre as Nick has had with camp.
And it also gives her some mommy time after we've spent so much time talking about Nick's surgery.
My Dad found this model of the digestive system and of course we had to look for the appendix (it is the grey thing right above his thumb... and it is upside down)

My Dad also came for 3 of the days, and I think that he liked the days with Katheryn as well!

But it gave us a great start to summer vacation, letting Katheryn play and get her hands on all kinds of toys and learn new things

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