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Monday, July 28, 2014

A Rough Evening

We've had a bit of a rough go of it this evening.
Nick's pain was good, until it started to run out and then he really wanted me to be with him. He started to notice an IV poke in his right hand (a red dot), the IV in his left hand, he didn't want to move or pee or do anything.

That was fine, I sat by the bedside and just held his hand.

We did some of the activities recommended for distraction
Blowing bubbles, reading and watching his favorite movie.

The bubbles were not a big hit.

His incision has been oozing.
The dressing they originally put on was a 4x4 folded gauze held in place with a strip of tape. That bled through. So they replaced with with a couple more strips of tape that bled through, so a tagaderm with gauze (a large clear bandage). That bled through. Then pressure dressing tape, which bled through.
Doctors had been in to see through the evening. It seemed that it was the mucosa or lining of the appendix is friable (which means that it bleeds easily), so it was oozing blood. Pressure applied to it would help, so they "kept and eye on it"

Of course it hurt Nick every time they touched it and pressed on it.
The final result around 8pm was for 2 doctors to come and apply pressure manually and give a vasoconstrictor (to help clamp the vessels) to try to get the oozing to stop. Nick had had enough, I tried distraction and calming techniques that labouring woman had taught me. We could distract him by counting and telling stories about what was happening on his favorite Backyardigan show.
But in the end he was crying for it to stop and for us to go home. He didn't want an operation anymore.
Once they stopped he calmed down quickly.

I have a picture of what it looks like. But I'm not going to post it yet. I think this is an isolated occurrence to Nickolas and it won't do any good for 'teaching'. I might do something before and after.

Right now we are problem solving ways to apply enough pressure to stop this bleeding. She packed it, then put a bunch of gauze over, but we needed more pressure to help stop the oozing. His nurse and I worked together, and as a good labour and delivery nurse, we did a nice c/s pressure dressing, (think hip to hip thik white tape, pressure dressing.)

They wanted to use the elastoplast, but I'm pretty sure it has latex in it.But Nick got some morphine and he says that he is all good. He actually slept through the nurse and I working together for the latest pressure dressing.

The docs will come back around for rounds in the morning and I'm hoping we will have this little set-back behind us.

Thanks to everyone who continue to wish us luck and a speedy recovery! The nurses here have been great. We've had all of the charge nurses and experienced nurses as well as all kinds of level of doctors (residents and fellows) in to try to get this all fixed up.

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