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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Conductive Education Camp

Nick has been going to conductive education camp for the last week and a half.
He races up this ramp and has been very excited to go!

We made goals for the camp. I said that I wanted Nick to work on standing and balance and try out the forearm crutches, and continue to use his canes. The camp has group activities and some of the same activities focusing on letting the kids learn about their bodies and have fun and always challenging them.
For mobility Nick came in with his walker, and then the walker went into the hall and when he moved around, it was with his canes. When it was time to go home, the walker came back  out.
I was hoping that they would get Nick interested in the crutches. I had talked with some of the conductors and they had mentioned that the crutches forces the body to lean forward, and they want more of a straight back, which is why they focus on canes. Which makes sense to me.
They did try, but Nick still didn't really like his crutches. Taking off the arm part seemed to help, but he still wasn't that impressed (and told me so).
They also worked on challenging Nick with his canes. Starting with his larger based quad canes, then the smaller base HUGO canes, and also modifying the crutches for a single 'cane', which he actually walked with.
I didn't realize how big the quad cane base was. And of course the HUGO canes give him less support which he is totally ready for.
The just kept challenging him to help him to realize what he is able to do

Every day has a different theme and learning and singing and doing. It's learning and creating. Learning big stuff and small

Being silly while still learning. And Nick loves silliness!

Working on standing went amazing! He was doing 20-30 seconds of unassisted standing (and loving it) by the end of camp. We have one of these horses at home we pulled out to play with as well.

There is lots of opportunity for standing

Like when you are building an igloo.

 We talked all about igloos and the arctic on the drive home. The cold and the sleighs, what animals are there, where you live and how you dress

One of the great things about conductive education is that it isn't about what one child is doing independent from everyone else. It is also about doing things together in a group, learning and working together.

Friday was Nick's last day and they had a lemonade stand. The kids helped to make all of the signs, and made the lemonade and then sold it at the side of the road.

Nick got to be cashier part of the time (I love this picture, he looks so serious). They made $139

All of the hard work tired him out!

I am so happy he had the opportunity to participate in camp this year and hoping to do something in the winter semester.

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  1. Great photos Amanda! We were sad to miss camp this year but will be back next year. Zach and Nick have the same walker. We love the way the flux folds down :) Barb