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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cottage time

We spent 5 really hot days up at the cottage

 We spent most of the time in the water and the kids got really comfortable. Especially with their floaties. Nick was running in the water and swimming.

Katheryn kept diving under the water, and the girls put on a water show for us
 There is a large area of shallow water for the kids to play in as well. But they liked going out into the deep part (which also means that there is less sand in your bathing suit at the end of the day)

And we all got lots of practice going up and down the hill from the lake to the cottage
And when we weren't in the water, there was still lots of fun for the kids.

Nick could do really well with his walker getting into places he wanted to go. Which meant less carrying a 40 pound kid up and down the hill

The swing set was a big hit as well. Nick could get up the ladder all by himself. And Katheryn loved swinging on the swings

It was so hot and humid, there was still some indoor play time (usually in the morning)
And the cousins were all together to play.
This game of checkers involved a board, checker pieces, 2 dice, a referee and 4 players.

And for Canada Day we had a big family party

With fireworks

Nick wasn't too happy about the noise, but it was a fantastic show (the mosquito bites we all got covered in wasn't that great though)

Watching how much fun Nick had in the water made me realize that Nick probably won't be able to go in the lake while he is recovering from his surgery (but once it is healed he should be able to).
That is definitely a negative to the surgery in the middle of the summer. But in the end it is just one summer in a lifetime of summers.

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