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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Katheryn's First Communion

Katheryn had her first communion this weekend.
I hadn't at first realized how elaborate some of the dresses are. Like little wedding dressing (which I guess it the point). As someone who never did a first communion, this was new to me. I have attended lots of Catholic masses and I know the concept.

Similar to my own wedding dress we wanted a dress that was simple, tea length (below knee) and twirly. Twirly was a must.

Katheryn was very excited. She had been learning about First Communion all year. She was one of the children who got to bring  the wine up. And she even answered one of the questions the priest asked during mass!

The priest went through some of the different ways to accept the Eucharist. I remember when we were kids they could only take it on the tongue. (I think some priests got bitten and now it is a choice)

Afterwards we got some pictures.
Nice and cute, kids together

 Funny picture with mommy (My favorite picture)

Funny picture with Daddy

The kids love doing the funny pictures. It lets me get all of the nice pictures

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