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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

School's Out!

Another school year is done!

They have grown so much from the first day of school!

Katheryn is going into grade 3 and Nick is going into grade 2 next year!
The kids are going to miss their friends (and Nick came home with 2 phone numbers) but this is their reaction for the coming summer

Nick is excited there is no more homework! (Little does he know I have some math-plans for the summer) and Katheryn is sad she doesn't have school anymore.

Their report cards are good this year.
Katheryn got 10 As and 6 Bs. Not surprising that she needs to work on her writing (but has made improvement) and her spelling. And she needs to be more organized. And her best subject, with solid As is math (she is playing with multiplication and division right now... yes I said playing), as well as art and gym.
Nick got 2 As and 9 Bs. His best subjects are social studies and drama. Reading still remains a challenge, but he has improved so much (I had hoped his grade would be higher), and math is higher than I had thought it would be. Nick needs to be more independent, and I can see in his card that he has become more comfortable in school.

Nick tells me that he will be having the same teacher again next year. This would be good, except it would also mean that in 4 years of school he has had 2 teachers.

For now we are looking to enjoy the summer!

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