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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ballet Time

It was time for some Mommy and Katheryn time. This time we were going to the Ballet.
We got tickets to see The Little Prince ballet with my best friend Lisa and her 2 daughters.

Katheryn and I decided to take the train down.
She was so excited to be on the train. We moved seats 3 times during the ride!
We played handman on the ride there. Katheryn had lots of fun (and worked on her spelling)

We also decided to walk up from Union Station.
Katheryn said that the city looked like Paris! (Except for the CN Tower of course)
I'm not really sure where this came from other than Monster High. But she thought it was great

The Ballet was fun, it took a while for Katheryn to get used to the idea of now talking/singing. And there was whispering back and forth to understanding what was going on at the beginning. We were in the back row with 1 row people standing behind us. Towards the end of the show a lady in front of me kept turning back and shhing the kids and giving them dirty looks because someone in her row was tapping on her purse. 

And we found out at dinner that someone standing behind us tapped my friends youngest daughter on the head! We found this out later. She was furious that someone would put intentionally touch her child. Yes it was a ballet, but you don't touch other people! Keep you hands to yourself!
The 3 kids sat in between us 2 adults and they were very well behaved. It was the adults around us that I was very surprised in.

Afterwards we all went out for dinner and got to catch up and talk.
It was a great day out, and we are already planning our next date!

On the way out we saw a number of homeless people begging on the road. Katheryn asked for a loonie to give to one man. She was very proud of herself that she could help someone who asked.

It was really nice to be out with just Katheryn and give her some time along. We will do it again in a couple of months (and it's even better that I promote her love a theatre!)

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